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It’s Us!

It’s Us! And Our Cats…

Craig Pearson


I have two decades of experience in the games industry. I was the production coordinator and writer for Facepunch Studios. I worked on Rust and Garry’s Mod, two games consistently in Steam’s top ten most played games, and worked on the development and marketing of others. Before that, I contributed my copywriting services to the launch of Elite Dangerous.

I was also PC Gamer’s Reviews Editor for five years, and worked as a freelance writer for the media, including RPS, IGN, GameSpy, and more.


John Walker


​I have twenty years of experience writing about videogames, and during this time became one of the most renowned and respected critical voices in the industry. I co-created Rock Paper Shotgun, bringing excellent games to the attentions of over three million monthly readers. Over the last two decades I have built excellent relationships across the games industry, including direct communication with editors of many major gaming sites (Eurogamer, Kotaku, Rock Paper Shotgun, PC Gamer, IGN, etc).

I’ve previously written successful pitches to publishers, script edited, and written dialogue for the remastered edition of Broken Sword. I’ve also written for PC Gamer, Eurogamer, Edge, Gamesmaster, and many, many other sites and magazines.


Why we’re doing this

We want your game to do really well. That’s the primary goal and the main purpose of Quick Save Consultants – to see great games reach their maximum potential, and find their largest audience.

With a combined forty years of games industry experience, Quick Save Consultants brings expertise in production, writing, journalism and communication to your game. We can help direct your project at any stage, spot potential pitfalls before they occur, and stand alongside your team to help see your game become the best it can be.

We really love games. What we want most of all is to help your game be loved. Whether that’s playing builds and delivering you regular professional reports, helping you write the most enticing Kickstarter, creating assets with maximum media and player appeal, contributing to your in-game writing, or providing mock reviews at any stage of development, we will adapt our approach to the specific needs of your project.

Through an initial consultation, we’ll work out a way that we can best support you, suggesting a bespoke package that will best suit your team and your game. And because we want this to be something available to teams of any size, we are very happy to negotiate our fees based on your budget.

We’re people who know how games go wrong, and want to be there to help prevent it. We know how the games media thinks, and we know how players think, and we know how publishers think. We want to be on your side.

Let’s talk about your game.

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