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Quick Save Consultants

We’re here to help game developers and publishers solve problems. With over forty years of games industry experience, we can help your game reach its full potential. 

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What We Do

We Play

It doesn't matter if its alpha, beta, or just about to be released. We'll play your game and give you honest and actionable feedback on the game mechanics, level design, narrative design, and more.

We Collaborate

With our report in your hands, we'll get to work making your game the best it can be. Whether that's milestone reports, script rewrites, or marketing (site language, Steam Store and assets), we'll be there to make your game great.

We Adapt

We have a number of services available. We can provide any of the services listed here, from the full package to a bespoke selection. It all depends on your needs.

We Negotiate

We're here to help. Don't worry if you're a smaller team on a budget, we're happy tailor what we offer in accordance with your finances.

  • First Contact: Typically done via Skype or similar. We discuss the game, our processes, and where to go from there.
  • Initial Feedback: Delivered after the group chat, this is the first external perspective of the project. It’ll include a summary of the main points of action, and what we need to deliver on them.
  • Summary Report: Following a playthrough, we’ll provide detailed audit of the mechanics, levels and story. If there are any glaring issues at this stage, we’ll flag them up and suggest a solution. This can include game mechanics, level design, narrative issues, and more.
  • Follow-Up: This follows on from the Summary Report. We’ll have another call to discuss the issues we raised and the solutions on offer.
  • Milestone Reviews: Whether you’re a at alpha, beta, or close to release, we can play your game at any stage of development and provide detailed feedback. Whether you’re looking for a broad overview, or a look at a specific feature, we’ll provide professional, clear and supportive feedback.
  • Mock Reviews: At any stage of the game’s development, we can help you get an idea of how the gaming press and streamers will react to the game. We’ve worked for PC Gamer, EDGE, Eurogamer, RPS, IGN, GameSpy, and more, and we can provide a mock review that will honestly reflect the game.
  • In-Game Text: Be it menus, items, or storyline and dialogue, we can polish, edit, or completely rewrite the game.
  • Asset Creation: We can create eye-catching screenshots, clips, and gifs correctly formatted for a variety of needs.
  • Store Pages: For Steam, Epic, Humble, Itch, GOG, and your own homepage.
  • Kickstarter Pitches: We’ll write, edit, and prepare assets to help put the game out there.
  • Publisher Pitches: We can tell you what makes your game special, and help you present it.

“After reading his reviews for years, we decided to contact John. His brutal honesty, coupled with his vast experience and singular vision, made him an incredible resource to help us strengthen the potential of our game by finding solutions to minimize its weak points. We will definitely work with John again!”

Leandro De Brasi
Kelvin and the Infamous Machine

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